A Message from the Producer

Greetings from the Two Minutes team.

Starting up a project can sometimes be like starting a car on a cold winter’s morning. Much noise and bluster but very little actual ignition. Well, my car, at least. And my project, at this precise moment.

Well, perhaps we shouldn’t have tried starting work over a weekend when we’d all just arrived in Cornwall and all felt like we were on holiday. It’s sunny and inviting and the coast line is like some incredible magnetic force willing us into the sea. There is much in the old myths of the sirens I think. The sea permeates everything here – the smell, and the sense of it is in the land, the sky, the people.

So we’ve played hard and now it’s Monday and it’s time to start working hard. We’re easing into it, however, with Tom, our camera, Roger, the director, and myself doing some establishing shots and capturing the local colour, while Ray, our guide, Mary, the presenter, and Eleanor, our faithful research assistant, have made and remade acquaintances within the area.

We got some great views of Mousetrappe itself, and I can promise you that it’s not just the streets and harbour that are idyllic – the pubs aren’t bad either! But that’s a concern for later. I’ve just stopped off here to scribble this down and then we’re off to start work proper.

Oh, we did manage to do some work over the weekend, or at least Tom did, cornering Henry – or ‘Harry’ (don’t ask – it’s his way, and we must abide) Carlyon, the druid, in the pub on Saturday and asking him some questions about himself and his beliefs. We’ll be putting some of that footage up here on the site, and Henry will be writing something fitting for this page.

Look out for many more updates as the week goes on, we’ll be letting you in on the whole business of making a documentary and giving you a chance to see and hear things that might never make it to the screen. Everybody will be taking turns at writing something for this page, so you’ll get to meet all of us and get our valuable insights on what we’re doing.

So stay tuned/logged on and wish us luck.

Joanna Richards,
Producer, Two Minutes,
Lunchtime, Monday

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