A message from the Producer

As most of you will be aware by now, the Two Minutes project has been abandoned following a series of tragic accidents.

We will, however, be keeping this website open, partly as a tribute to those who have died, and partly because I know some of you have been following our project and might well be interested in any news. On which subject I would like to thank all of you, both in the site forum and in the e-mail list, who have sent their sympathies regarding the deaths of our fellow workers. They shall all be missed.

I have now included a few words about Eleanor Green, our researcher, and Cat (whose real name was Jessica Smythe-Brown), our sound engineer. Both Cat and Eleanor went missing on the morning of Wednesday the 11th, and although we were hoping they would be found again, the death of our director, Roger, and the later discovery of the body of our friend, Ray, did nothing to give us cause to hope.

Cat was found on a beach on the morning of Thursday the 12th. She had apparently drowned, having fallen from a cliff face during the night. Eleanor’s body was discovered on Friday, after an extensive search by the police and local people. She had been trapped in a cave on the Happy Valley beach by a rockfall and was killed by her injuries.

As you can no doubt imagine, all four deaths have affected us deeply, and we can find little time or enthusiasm for our work or this site. We will, however, use these pages to remember our friends, and you can find a few words about Roger and Ray on our Thursday page.

I’m afraid I’m having to use the Friday template that Eleanor left for me, since without her help I don’t know how to set up one for today.

Thank you for your patience, time and sympathy.

Joanna Richards


Two Minutes

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