In Memoriam

Eleanor Green


Eleanor’s role as a researcher for the Two Minutes team was a double debut for her. Not only was it her first time working with us, it was also her first professional employment. At both, she excelled. She quickly made herself indispensible to the team, both socially and professionally, bringing enthusiasm and enlightenment into our lives and our project.

Eleanor’s work on the Two Minutes project was exemplary, even to the point of excess, there was nothing she did not know about eclipses, Cornwall or Celtic mythology. It was than an enthusiasm for the subjects, or the film, it was a commitment to the project, the idea and the team, a commitment that we all shared, recognised, and welcomed.

She also built this website for us, allowing people to come to us and our project, sharing her passion with the wider public, and I think the public have responded to her.

While it is tragic to see such a promising career cut short, it is even worse to be robbed of such a valuable and treasured companion.

We shall all miss her.

(Jessica Smythe-Brown)


Cat was also new to our team, and to film making, but, like Eleanor, fitted in almost straight away. Whatever she may have lacked in experience Cat made up for in enthusiasm, both for her task and for the film making process.

It seemed, sometimes, that there was nothing that Cat hadn’t tried, at one time or another, but film making was what she came back to, was what she had decided to devote her life to, and this commitment shone through in her work.

I am sure that Cat would not have stopped at running the sound for small documentary teams, but would easily have gone on to bigger and better things, such was her drive and her ability. It is tragic to see the early end of such a promising talent and such a dedicated and enthusiastic person.

She shall be missed.

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