The team

When producer Joanna Richards began putting together her team for the Two Minutes project, she wanted the personalities she was bringing together to reflect the themes of the project itself.

Mary Tregeagle was the obvious choice as the presenter and lynch pin of the film, not only a Cornish woman born and bred, having moved to London to pursue a media career, she makes the perfect person to return to her home town and take a look at how Cornwall has changed and where it seems to be going.

Mary was also born in Mousetrappe , the village where the film will be made. This gives her the connections to bring in someone like Ray Penhale, a local and old friend, who acts as Mary’s guide to the new Cornwall.

Friendship and old ties also led her to Roger Haslam and Thomas Kidd, a Director and Cameraman team with whom she had worked before on several projects.

On the other hand Eleanor Green is new to both film making and to Cornwall. As researcher Eleanor could bring a fresh and enquiring eye to the project, raising just those questions that Joanna want to ask.

Last, but by no means least, pure serendipity led Joanna to Harry Carlyon, the Druid who is to perform a ritual near Mousetrappe at the time of the eclipse.

‘I happened to be sitting outside a café in London and he just came up and started to talking to me,’ says Joanna, ‘At first I tried to ignore him, which as anyone who has ever lived in London will know is fairly standard practise, but then I realised what he was talking about… it was his plans for the eclipse in Cornwall. I was amazed, it fitted so perfectly.’

Indeed it is the comparison between the returning native’s eye and the interpretations of the visitor that provide the central theme and pose the underlying questions of Two Minutes.