About our ritual

The eclipse ceremony that Henry Carlyon has planned is an adaptation of a traditional August ritual that was once practised in the village of Mousetrappe.

The original tradition consisted of a chase through the village by the local children, pursuing one of their number who had to reach the harbour without being caught. Once all the children were gathered in the harbour a boat of flowers was floated out into the bay and set alight.

Henry’s variation takes only the chase element from the original tradition and places it in a much larger geographical area.

The idea is for the nominated ‘victim’ and the pursuers, all wearing masks or antlers on their heads, to set out from the village of Mousetrappe, making for Rame Head, further round and down the peninsula.

The pursuit will start at eleven o’clock at night, twelve hours before the eclipse is due to occur, and is scheduled to end at the moment of total eclipse. The victim must stay at large for twelve hours while being hunted across the Rame peninsula by the others.

Once the moment comes for the eclipse, the whole chase is to collect at Rame Head, where a bonfire will be built ready for the eclipse.

Henry will then celebrate the eclipse with appropriate ceremonies.

Anyone is welcome to join in the hunt, and the Two Minutes team will also be taking part and documenting the event.