Team biographies

joannaJoanna Richards

Joanna attended the Communications and Audio Visual Production Studies course at Guildhall University and has been working in the industry for some years now. She has done a number of projects for radio, and has produced three short films: The Big, Bad World, a documentary about students preparing to leave college, The Night Kitchen, a short thriller and Swords and Ploughshares, a documentary about two old men and best friends, one a Czech who flew for the RAF in World War II, another a German soldier brought to this country as a prisoner of war. Two Minutes is her first project for television.

maryMary Tregeagle

As a child Mary had the rather irritating habit of forcing her relatives to watch her perform plays she had written. She has given up writing and her acting has become distinctly less irritating. She attended the Poor School in London, and has done a great deal of theatre work, including both the Edinburgh and Brighton fringes. She has also appeared in a short film, The Night Kitchen. In November she will begin fronting Channel 4’s new lifestyle series ‘4Play’.

rogerRoger Haslam
Roger took the Communications and Audio Visual Production Studies course at Guildhall University, where he met Joanna Richards and Tom Kidd, with whom he has worked on three short films; two documentaries, The Big, Bad World and Swords and Ploughshares and one fiction, a short thriller, the Night Kitchen, examining our approach to food and, more particularly, meat. Two Minutes is Roger’s first large television work.
tomThomas Kidd
Tom began life as a stills photographer, from the womb according to him, but following the Communications and Audio Visual Production Studies course at Guildhall University, he entered into a passionate romance with the movie camera. He has worked on three short films, two documentaries and one fiction, and has recently had a critically acclaimed exhibition of his photographs of London laundrettes ‘Coming Out In The Wash’ at the Photographer’s Gallery in London.
Sound recordist
Cat has been many things before, but is only now rediscovering her love of film that began when she sneaked into a showing of Powell and Pressburger’s Gone To Earth as a child. Two Minutes is her first professional television work, but she has worked on a number of student and personal projects in the last year. In between then and now she has travelled widely in all corners of the world, including working in a kibbutz, and free festivals in Europe and the States and as a guide in Mexico.
eleanorEleanor Green
Eleanor studied English Literature at East Anglia University but has always wide ranging interests that take in history, mythology and physics. Her Master’s thesis concerned the role of prophets and omens in literature and myth. As such Two Minutes provides her with the perfect opportunity to explore these interests as a researcher for the project. This is her first professional television work.
harryHenry Carlyon
Henry believes that mankind at the end of the twentieth century, surrounded so entirely by technology that the world imitates the animism of ancient peoples, full of intelligences and spirits, needs spiritual guidance as never before. He believes our only hope lies in coming to an understanding with our environment and ourselves, and in doing this we need the wisdom of the ancients who we have so wilfully ignored all these centuries. This is his aim in resurrecting and making relevant a local Cornish tradition ritual.
rayRay Penhale
Ray is Cornish born and bred, and still lives in his home village of Mousetrappe . As a local and an old friend of Mary’s and Joanna’s Ray is the team’s liaison and point man, helping to discover locations and subjects for the film, as well as introducing the others to the area. More importantly he knows where the best pubs are.